Ainnelise Niyvold Liundbye 

Entrepreneur, writer, developer and data analyst. Has a passion for world cultures, languages, anthropology, history, as well as data science. Holds a Master’s degree in mathematics and economics.


Passionate about seeing the world and experiencing cultures distinct from our own, I and my husband have increasingly during the years found ourselves in a planning phase for either the longer, remoter trip, the shorter, intense city break or an ‘off the beaten path’ location full of local history. Whatever location we visit, we are nearly always intrigued by the culture, the people, the place and its history.

To get the most out of our trips, we always try to be well prepared and check up on locations, cultures, traditions, history as well as safety issues, health and risk factors, price levels … and a bunch of other relevant facts before going. In this way we minimise the time we have to spend on practical matters once there … which leaves us with maximal time to take outstanding places in!

Looking out for alternative ways and local approaches to explore a location may well reveal even more alluring options than the, at first sight, most obvious choice. Often this leads to unexpected, fascinating and rewarding experiences. We only consider it a plus if we can get to see it all from a local perspective!