Have you got all for your trip?

Trolley suitcase, 28L backpack, cooler bag, microfiber towel, universal adapter, flashlight, anti-theft money belt, power strip, extension cord, converters, power bank, travel first-aid kit, compression socks, rain poncho, umbrella, travel neck pillow, foldable safari hat, guide books… Got it all?


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Travel Light

Do you master the art of travelling light – and still be prepared for any situation? Have you already got all the lightweight gear and other stuff you need for your trip? Read: Do You Master the Art of Travelling Light? and get inspiration here for what to take with you:

Packing Checklist


Lightweight travel products to travel with ease
Trolley suitcase which goes as hand luggage
Rucksack to travel with ease
Day pack for the things you need all the time
Handy handbag for your personal items
Packing cubes / travel organiser to keep you stuff in order
Foldable bag to have a spare bag for your return trip (when you have bought a whole lot of stuff)
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For the trip

A comfortable travel neck pillow for the flight or the bus ride
Headphones or a headset for your entertainment
Travel charger / power bank for your devices
Portable luggage scale to make sure you comply with the rules of the airlines
Ear plugs to be able to sleep in noisy surroundings
Eye mask to turn day into night
Flight compression socks for your health on long haul flights
Flashlight for the night
Headlamp for your convenience when staying at primitive places
Travel adapter, extension cord, power strip
Blanket or travel pillow for better sleep
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For your safety

Padlocks for you luggage
Portable door lock to secure you hotel or hostel room
Money belt / pouch to hide your values and phone
Zip belt to hide your notes and emergency telephone numbers
Extra travel wallet for convenience
Water filter bottle to avoid risking your health – very useful in some countries
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Extra gear

Digital Camera with Flip Screen 180 Degree Rotation for your perfect photo shots
Foldable mattress to use on the beach
Lightweight microfiber towel which dries in no time and takes up very little room in your luggage
Sunscreen for lovely weather
Sun hat / safari hat to avoid a heat stroke
Rain gear in case of heavy rain
Lightweight rain poncho in case you haven’t got much room in your luggage
Foldable umbrella to handle a rainy day when city sightseeing
Refillable water bottle for sustainability and for saving your money
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Travel with the right type and size of luggage that fits your trip!

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