Travel In Culture


The website Travel in Culture aims at inspiring to travel.

To see the culture and history behind people and places. To travel to the odder corners of the world for cultural insight. To capture local atmosphere and catch a glimpse of everyday life. To see and seize opportunities to reach and get a feel for the local culture – whether it is in present-day life or traces of a civilisation in ancient history.


Find inspiration in our articles for travelling – whether you have just 3 days or 2 months in a place. Explore and be intrigued by both well-known and lesser known destinations!

Use our Travel Guides, Itineraries & Destinations/Country pages to plan your next trip! Get an overview of locations, top sights, history & cultural heritage, as well as local curiosities.


For each country you have easy access to travel relevant Country Info such as corruption indices, crime rates, cost of living indices, traffic safety rates, real-time pollution indices, COVID-19 status, vaccinations and other health info. Compare these rates and indices to those in your own country.

The more prepared you are, the less trouble on your trip – and the more time to experience authentic local cultures!


Use our Travel Tools for the practical things when planning and while travelling. You will find a Currency Converter, a Distance Converter, a Temperature Converter, Travel Safety advice and more.

Have you got all travel essentials for your specific trip? Find relevant travel gear for your destination and see how to travel light!

Ainnelise Niyvold Liundbye 

Entrepreneur, writer, developer and data analyst. Has a passion for world cultures, languages, anthropology, history, as well as data science. Holds a Master’s degree in mathematics and economics.